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Here in Pittsburgh, winters can get very cold. That’s why Pittsburgh area homeowners take their heating seriously. But what happens if your furnace gives out? Or what should you do if you get your gas bill and realize that you’ve been spending way too much?

You want to get in touch with a contractor who can tackle the whole problem, not just one part. At Promax Mechanical, we can tackle any HVAC issue while making sure that your system is working at peak performance. We can repair anything, and we will replace it if it isn’t cost effective to repair it.

High Efficiency Heating Installation

If you are looking to upgrade to an Energy Star furnace, we have years of experience with both new and retrofit installations. With Promax Mechanical you won't also search out a certified electrician and licensed plummer because our staff is qualified to do it all. This is one of the ways we can offer our services at such competitive rates. If you aren't sure what type of heating system or furnace would be right for you? We are experts. We know all the heating system's "tech specs" and with simple measurements can recommend the best options for your home or warehouse. Like we said before "we do it all."

24/7 Emergency Heating Repair

Your comfort is our priority. We have 24/7 emergency response services. If you find yourself suddenly without heat on the coldest of nights, because let’s be honest these things always happen at the most inconvenient of times, be confident that Promax Mechanical will do everything they can to resolve your issue.

Free In Home Estimates

Not all heating systems are able to be repaired

We Are Qualified To Repair ALL Heating Systems

We are qualified to repair or replace ALL types of heating units. Regardless of brand or age if it can be repaired Promax Mechanical will get the job done. Whether they are gas, oil, or electric, we know how to repair them. But we also work on types of HVAC systems. If you have an older radiator system, which pumps hot water through a series of pipes throughout your house, we can make the necessary repairs to ensure that your system is working at peak efficiency. If you have radiant floor heating, which uses heating elements under your floor to create heat from the ground up, we can repair those too! Finally, if you have electrical baseboard heating, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a “Max Service Program,” subscription that covers all recommended factory maintenance and routine inspection, insuring that all your home's mechanical systems are working at peak efficiency as well as having less costly repairs and prolonging it's lifespan.

Certified Installation By Licensed Technicians

While your heating system is likely the last thing on your mind until it stops working. We also install new systems and retrofit heating system in order to fit your needs. If you simply need supplemental heating, such as an additional electrical baseboard in an addition that’s not connected to your HVAC system, we can make sure you are getting the best solution for your needs. If you are looking to replace an existing furnace, we will make sure that your installation is completed with top of the line equipment and with exacting standards. If you are looking to lower your heating bills, we also offer high efficiency furnaces that work at 90% energy efficiency. Finally, we also offer geo thermal installations, which use the heat of the earth to provide green and limitless heat for your home.

Furnaces have come a very long way over the past few decades and so have the complexity of their installation. Promax Mechanical is a certified installer for both Lennox and Carrier. We guarantee a quality factory approved installation, which ensures all manufactures warranties are valid. Unfortunately for some home owners trying to save a few dollars on installation costs, they'll discover far to late that the warranty they assumed they retained had been voided by a non-certified installer. Protect your investment, call Promax Mechanical now to schedule a free, no obligation in-home quote today.

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