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There is a wide range of electrical jobs that make living in the 21st century possible. With so much pressure being placed on our electrical systems, what with smart devices and connected living, good wiring is more important than ever. And that’s why you need to count on a experienced and certified electrician to complete any electrical work, from the simple tast to the more complicated.

There are a number of small jobs that are very important nonetheless. Replacing outlets, installing new light switches, and installing smoke detectors are all simple yet essential for living comfortably and safely. But that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t turn these jobs over to a certified electrician. Even small jobs can become a big deal if they aren’t completed correctly.

Initiating new service, hooking up electrical appliances, or adding all new outlets and switches would all be considered moderate tasks. But again, doing them wrong could have big consequences. But don’t worry, we have plenty of experience with moderate jobs as well.

Of course, whole home rewires, connecting your home to the main grid, and installing new service panels are big jobs and should never be completed by the homeowner. In fact, doing so is illegal. This is where having a certified electrician is especially important. And again, you can count on us and all of our years of experience doing full electrical installations in the Pittsburgh area.

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Why Hire A Certified And Properly Licesed Electrician

But what are the risks of attempting to do an electrical installation yourself?

First and foremost, there are risks to you and your home. Shock and electrocution are very possible if you do not take the proper precautions when beginning electrical work. Even with voltage meters, there is still the chance that you might unexpectedly touch a live wire. At best, this can cause pain and burns. At worst, it could even lead to accidental death.

However, even if you perform DIY electrical work without hurting yourself, you may still be putting your home at risk, especially for an accidental electrical fire. An improperly insulated wire may quietly work until, unexpectedly, it catches the surrounding framing or insulation on fire, leading to very severe and potentially dangerous damage to your home as well as the homes of your neighbors.

But you are also putting yourself at legal risk when doing electrical work yourself. Local safety codes require that all electrical work is performed by a certified electrician. You may find yourself saddled with hefty fines if you get caught doing electrical work that is not up to code. Regardless, even if you succeed in performing the installation without getting caught, it can make selling your home in the future difficult. A smart homebuyer will use an inspector to make sure that all electrical work is up to code.

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Luckily, no matter what size job, we have the experience and the certifications to get the job done right. Whether you are looking to make electrical repairs, installing new wiring, or merely installing new electrical appliances, we can make sure that your home stays up to code. We even offer certified home security and surveillance installations, which need to be wired into your home’s electrical system. So regardless of the job, we should be your first and only call for all of your electrical needs.

If we haven't made it clear, Promax Mechanical will complete any electrical job that we encounter. There is no job too big or small. From installing new electrical service to both commercial and residential structures through swapping out an old light switch to a new one, Promax has you covered.
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